Repayal for Solariums

Cashless payment technology for the tanning industry

Repayal for Solariums is built for the tanning industry and can easily be intergrated for a single tanning salon or an entire chain.

1. More Customers, Less Risk!

Remove the risk, extra work and potential loss of customers by adding a cashless solution to your solarium or chain. Customers easily pay for tanning sessions with SMS, Credit Card and more. Owners have full insight into their solarium operations all day, every day!

2. In-depth Statistics In Real Time!

How many times has a tan bed been used and for how long. Which tan bed is the most popular at a particular time of day? How much revenue have you recieved this month compared to last month. In-depth statistics updated in real time, all the time!

3. Increase Your Business Potential!

Reach out to your customers. Use Repayal’s marketing panel to send offers, updates, news and discounts to your clients. Reward your top customers and promote your solarium, all with the click of a button. Communicate via sms or email. It couldn’t be easier!

Key Benefits

  • Customers don’t always carry cash. Increase your revenue by investing in a cashless payment solution.
  • Access full reports and statistics for users, transactions, bed usage and more.
  • Greatly reduce risk of theft
  • Insight into customer profiles for marketing efforts.
  • Reduce staff requirements & money handling
  • The latest technology and can be customized to intergrate with existing systems.

Mobile adapated

Mobile adapted for Customers & Business Owners.

Mobile access for customers!

Customers can easily login-in to their account, start a tanning session from their mobile and refill their account with credit card, bank transfer or sms. Connect to solariums of their choosing, view their tanning profile, transactions and receipts and contact the the establishments owner.

Check status and statistics on the the go!

Solarium owners have the same access to Repayal through both desktop computers and mobile devices. No matter where you are you can keep up to date and in control of your business. In real time, all of the time!

Get the app!

Android or iOS, no problem! Repayal can be accessed through the mobile web application, with iOS and Android apps available to download in the Apple app store or Google Play.

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What our clients say

“We’ve implemented Repayal through-out our entire chain of studios. The team at Repayal gave excellent customer service through-out the entire process. The benefits Repayal has added to our solariums continue to be appreciated by both our customers and franchise holders”
Peter Persson, Meddo Drop-in-solarium, Sweden

View Meddo’s implementation here of RePayal V1 (Swedish)

RePayal (V2 – New features) is also running in Sweden and Norway:
SunApp (Sweden), SUN2 (Norway), SOL (Norway) and MIDA (Norway).

Around the world

We partner with local providers for intergration of hardware and payment methods to provide you with a complete solution that works.

Find out more. We would be to happy to hear from you!